Ria Serie Bed Linen

100% combed and mercerizeded cotton
About. 145 g/m², 125 GSM-210 TC
Bleached, White
Karodessign (small, 2 cm)
Maximum washing temperature: 95 ° C
Made in Turkey!

Standard sizes:

Pillow covers:
50×70 cm, 50×70 + 5 cm, 70×70 cm.

The bed linen can be changed without any hassle due to the 20 cm envelope of the pillow cover.

Bed covers:
160×220 cm, 200×220 cm, 220×240 cm.

Bed linen:
160×240 cm, 200×240 cm, 180×280 cm, 240×280 cm, flexy cm.

Special sizes or individual embroidery and weaving are of course possible. There is hardly anything we cannot do for you.


Ria Serie Bed Linen

For those who love simplicity and quality, Ria Serie bed linen are the best choice. White, with special square patterned bed covers, pillow covers and bed linens in different sizes. Made in Turkey. This pattern is so famous in hotel and accommodation sectors. Ria Serie Bed Linen set that is very useful, easy to clean and also enriches the bedroom by providing quality image.