Obertex Series

Handtuch mit Muster

Obertex Custom Series


High quality ring yarn quality from 100% cotton, 380 to 550 g/m² possible

Washable at 90 °


Can be produced in almost all sizes


Every color from our wide range of colors
(over 125 colors)


High quality logo stick
Jaquard Relief Woven

Hotel Laundry

We offer you a wide range of quality hotel towels:



-Terry Towels

-Sauna Towels

-Guest Towels

-Shower Towels

-Bath Towels


-Washing Towels

You can order the various hotel towels with your embroidered logo or with your logo by woven. This way you get a special and individual piece, with which you can impress your guests. The hotel towels are suitable for dryers, durable, high-quality, washable up to 95 degrees and therefore durable. The hotel towels are available in a variety of weights, and we also offer a wide range of colours (over 124 different colors).

You will also find everything else like bathrobe, bathmat, different hotel slippers and hotel bedding. In this way you can create a uniform concept of your hotel textiles, so that your guests feel at home all around you and are happy to come back.


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